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How Admail Works

Want to gain direct access into each recipient’s letterbox, ensuring that your marketing message is being read? With Admail, you can reach out to households based on geographic area or housing type.

Our cost-effective maildrop service allows you to distribute unaddressed promotional materials such as brochures, notices, or any other marketing materials to all households in Singapore. This service is also ideal for proximity targeting or even product sampling.

What are the rates?

  From now till 31 Jan 2018,
Admail customers can enjoy postage discounts up to 30%!


  Promotional Distribution Charges (Per Piece)
  HDB Units Only Non-HDB Units
Discount Min Quantity Promo Price Min Quantity Promo Price
15% 100,000 $0.068 15,000 $0.136
25% 300,000 $0.060 30,000 $0.120
30% 600,000 $0.056 60,000 $0.112

The promotional rates are applicable for postage up to 25g only. Additional charges apply for printing or additional mailer weight. Other terms apply.

Sending in small quantities? You may refer to our pricing table below.

Distribution Charges (Per Piece)
Weight Not Exceeding HDB Units Only (S$) Non-HDB Units (S$)
25g $0.08 $0.16
50g $0.13 $0.21
100g $0.21 $0.29
200g $0.26 $0.34
300g $0.31 $0.39

The minimum charge for each distribution service is S$500. All charges are exclusive and subject to prevailing GST.
Non-HDB Units includes condominiums, private apartments, landed properties & commercial units.
*Terms & Conditions apply.

Item weight No. of HDB Units No. of non-HDB Units Cost


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Cost estimation is for reference only. Please contact us for an official quote.

"I want to send to specific types of residents or building types"
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